Job Summary

If those concepts sound good to you, you are just the individual that we are looking for: a hardworking, driven, and efficient leader who can leave others in the dust. You provide the energy, enthusiasm, and brilliance, and we provide you with a top-notch support network including technology that gives you an edge over your competitors, a diversified portfolio, and a global focus.

Our brokers have no boundaries. Are you ready to see the business model that has changed the lives of our 250 employees? We understand at a gut level that people are our business; they are our success story. They have taken us from a company founded in 2007 to an international powerhouse in the commodities business with Global Fortune 500 businesses knocking at our doors.

We reward professionalism, excellence, and execution in a big way – but we only take the best. If you are ready to be transparent, straightforward, and treat customers the way they deserve to be treated, contact us today.


EOXLive is an advanced Hybrid Voice/Electronic Trading Platform specifically created by OTC Global Holdings to deliver unparalleled insight, pre-trade and last-trade information and unmatched liquidity for OTC commodity markets. The platform provides a transparent view of the OTC market, and allows clients to execute complex orders online. Test drive EOXLive today to get a first-hand glimpse into the future of trading.

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